Psych-K® for BIPOC

Subconscious mindset change that's fast, easy, fun, and effective.

A rising tide lifts all boats...but what raises the tide?


We do.




As a BIPOC and Psych-K® Facilitator, I want to raise the tide for those who are in a boat like mine, on the same water where my boat is. So I'm offering Psych-K sessions with a PWYW (pay-what-you-wish) model.


Psych-K® is NOT therapy. Psych-K® is subconscious mindset change that's fast, easy, fun, and effective.


You deserve to try Psych-K®:

If you've questioned if you can have a better life;

If your reality is so challenging;

If you feel you just can't catch a break;

If life keeps bringing you issues you don't want.

You deserve the better life you want. The thing is, if you really believe you can have it, you will, but if you believe you can't...It's ALL mindset. As within, so without.


We are in a time of great change.

I don't know about you, but I would rather choose my change, than wait for change to happen to me. You can CHOOSE your change too.

It's time for us to believe we can HAVE better.

You can have the life and business you want.

You will get hired for the position.

We can raise children with love instead of pain.

We can hold the lessons and NOT the hurt from our past.

It's time for a new mindset.


As within, so without. Let's raise the tide.

Memo: BIPOC Psych-K


A scheduling link will be available after payment.

For more about Psych-K®, including FAQs, click here.

I reserve the right to cancel any appointment that does not meet the requirements for this payment option. No refund will be given if the appointment is canceled. However, you may apply the amount to my standard service fee and reschedule a session here.

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