• Roanne Bacchus

EFT Tapping To Easy My Political Distress

I may be somewhat developed in my emotional literacy but I am often super grateful for the tools I have, like when I feel disappointed and angered by the political views of a close family member. Emotional literacy is not about not feeling undesirable emotions, it's being able to recognize them and be proactive instead of only reactive when you pop up.

The video shared below was done live on Facebook a few weeks before election day in the US. But distresses arise in our lives at other times too, not only during election season. Plus, with the post-election event, seems like we still need this. EFT tapping can be a useful tool during all these episodes. And like with any other tool, you want to be adept at using it before the emergency arises. Which brings me to one of my favorite words - practice. I recommend doing a practice session of EFT just before bed. It will help calm the mind, and thus the body and can be helpful in allowing a more restful sleep. And the best part is that when you find yourself distressed, you'll have a handy tool to help you through that emotionally rough spot.

The process starts at 5:40.

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