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Beats a new Year's Resolution.

How many of have made new year's resolutions/ANY resolutions? Some folks are great at making and keeping resolutions...but statistically, not many, and not me.

Change can be challenging...because our brains are great at forming habits. And while the internet is ripe with how-tos to change your habit "in 7 days", or "30 days" or by this method or that, for me, it's about a bigger end goal...the person I'm becoming.

Since my teens, I've always been into some level of personal growth. Then, I read and tried out suggestions from Self magazine. Now, 20+ years later, I'm a Psych-K® Facilitator (my fave transformation tool BTW). All of it dedicated to being the best me I could be, inside and out.

2020 was full of twists, turns, and surprises and I will pat myself on the back because I think I did a good job of practicing my word, which was 'flow'. I think I did a good job because the things that manifesting during 2020 were just plain miraculous.

For example, I thought to do a live One Word workshop but was offered a six-week work contract, which left me with much time (or desire really) to do much else. And to honor my 2020 word, "flow", forcing the point and overworking was not going to be it. Lucky for me, there was a One Word workshop existing that I previously did and recorded. Oh thank Heavens!

But then, I couldn't find the video, so since I already committed, I decided to make one. Then Zoom decided not to work for me, and then Zoom's suggested fix, couldn't fix the issue. That's when I decided to just leave it alone and if it didn't' happen, then oh well...and then I found the video. So as you see, I'm still getting opportunities to practice my 2020 word.

I did One Word for the first time nine years ago. I was skeptical, how could this One Word create any significant change in my life. But I like to always be open to trying out new things and I'm so glad I did. As time turned into fall that year, I started noticing how I approached my then business differently. I could feel the difference in me. I was excited. And I was sold on One Word.

I will say that there was one year and I tried to short-cut the process of finding my One Word and I did not have a good year with the word I chose. I just didn't flow and create any significant change...and I never did that again. I always take the time to walk through the steps and then allow my word to come to me. It's showed up while reading a magazine on a train, while listening to a commencement speech by Oprah, by looking up synonyms once. This year, I had a definition and then had to find the word that encapsulated it. Funnily enough, none of the synonyms fit this time, so my One Word for 2021 is Transcend.

So while nothing went as I pictured at the end of 2019, the opportunities and adventures I had this year were all pleasant surprises and more. I'm looking forward to 2021.

How about we fill your 2021 with pleasant surprises too?

First, you do the One Word process. It's simple but profound. Take my free One Word workshop.

Next, schedule a Psyck-K® balance around your 2021 One Word. A little over a year ago, I became a Psych-K® facilitator and it's become my magic beans. For example, I love balancing for affirmations which means I no longer have unpleasant feelings of disbelief around those affirmation statements. Some even make me smile now and emotions are one of the keys in manifesting your desires. This will help you manifest the goal of your One Word with more ease.

Then, you live your One Word for all of 2021. That's it.

P.S. Something interesting to note is how both the last step of Psych-K and the One Word process are similar. They are both action steps. Synchronicity? Serendipity? Doesn't matter to me, I'm here for all the good and growth. Let's go!

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