• Roanne Bacchus, Holisitc Health Coach

How To Chews: a guide to choosing better food.

There is a mass of information about food: what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, how much to eat – it can be very overwhelming.

The tricky part is that every diet recommendation comes with a reasoning that may not be the best of your body in the long run, and it usually takes several years after a diet become popular for the fallout to start coming to light.

And what happens when you “complete” the diet and reintroduce foods that were not allowed during the diet?

If diets gave long-term results then it would not be a multi-billion (with a “B”) dollar industry.

But you know what works? Eating real food. The biggest reason is that food is information.

Your body recognizes it. No matter the food, including sugar and fat, it’s better to give your body the real thing. Food grown how it’s supposed to and kept close to its original form works how it’s supposed to in the body. When food is altered to the point that it does not work how it’s supposed to in the body (eg. Sucralose ie an altered sugar) then it provides the wrong information to our cells.

This impacts our body all the way to our genes. Food is information and lends to our internal environment. Our internal (and external) environment determines how our genes express ie mutations that lead to disease vs health.

What we eat is information, not just food. The research of Bruce Lipton has proven that.

So do we really need hundreds or even tens of diets to choose from?

No. We just need to know “How To Chews” real food. Get a free guide at

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