One Word for 2021

A simple process that will change your life.

First, here's why you'll want to take MY One Word Workshop:

- It's right here on this page.

- I give you a guided walk through the process. 

- A special offer to shift your beliefs so that practicing your One Word will be easier.


How many of you have made new years resolutions/ANY resolutions? Some folks are great at making and keeping resolutions...but statistically, not many, and not me.

Change can be challenging...because our brains are great at forming habits. us women, we get really good at DOING life - the kids, the family, the job, the church, we do and do and do and in the midst of all the doing we lose us, we lose touch with our being-ness - the part that is the core of who we are and even worse, we lose our health. We know how to do DOING, it's the BEING we have to get better at. We MUST create space for us to just BE, to get in touch with our selves and our source of power.


In that space of BEING, we can pay better attention to whether we are living in a state of peace and joy, or a state of suffering. We can then chose to move from that suffering state, but if we're busy DOING, we may never notice we're in that suffering state to begin with.


The first part of the videoI'm going to help you move into a state of being, to be better able to tune into what's working and not working in your current situations, so you can know where you need to allow change, what you need to work on in you and for you. I will walk us through a relaxation exercise and a guided visualization, so we can be more open to finding or receiving what our One Word is.

All the steps are included - Look In, Look Up, Look Out. You can pause and come back at anytime or watch all the way through. And once you've gotten your One Word, see below the video for a special offer to help your practice of it to be easier. Enjoy the growth.

The purpose of doing the One Word process is growth and it's still up to you to take the action. However, a Psych-K balance creates a loaded springboard of potential toward that change. This mindset balance will help you feel more attuned to the goals around your One Word. It's so much easier to practice when something feels less out of reach.

This offer is available until 1/31/21.

You must have done the process and have your One Word prior to this balance.