As I opened my browser, a trending article title from Harper’s Bazaar (1) caught my eyes, “6 Signs You’re Low In Iron.” It caught my attention because I use a remedy for this that is not widely discussed, shared or maybe even known. The first conclusion I hope you draw...

The image is of my notes with a pink ribbon sticker from the event next to a note I have stuck to my lap board. I think this is appropriate because to really make a difference in reducing cancer, not just cancer deaths, we have to be as bold and outside of the box as A...

 Photo by Roanne Bacchus.

I’m feeling a touch of sadness as I realized that 9/11 falls on a Tuesday again, as it did in 2001. But I don’t think that’s the only reason I feel like that. I realized that we as a society, a country, a world and just a bunch a very hurt peop...

May 31, 2017

Are you hungry?  Our bodies have a built in intelligence that if we listen to it, will help us feel our best.

Over the past month, I’ve talked about food, eating and our bodies on my Sunday morning Facebook chats. You’ll find an archive of the videos here.

Here are...

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