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Move Me
To Wellness

A three- or six-session set for self-healing and personal transformation.

 We'll find the specific root-cause stress triggers, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle habits connected with your symptoms, resolve emotional trauma and establish new healthy

habits and behaviors.

This plan includes weekly phone/text support apart from our sessions and unlimited email support. Schedule your initial consultation. Together we will map out what the best course of action is for your healing journey.

Preventive Scans

What if you can address issues before they turn into disease?

 ThermoBuzzer™ is the perfect tool to detect issues in the body when prevention is still an option. ThermoBuzzer™ is mobile, infrared imaging that visually demonstrates stress imbalances in the body as heat.

It's non-invasive and chemical-free.

See a short video demo.

One Body Region $50

Half-Body Scan $125

Full-Body Scan $195


A Psych-K® session is a simple and effective way for you to change limiting subconscious beliefs that are blocking you from reaching your goals in life. As your Psych-K® Facilitator, I will work with you to create a balanced identification between the left and right side of the brain, allowing safe and effective access to the subconscious mind to make the desired changes.

Learn more.

Emotional literacy is how we heal ourselves and our world.



Roanne helps women move toward healing and #EnjoyingBeing by helping them resolve the root causes for why they don't feel great. She utilizes Psych-K®, Lifestyle Prescriptions®, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and other complementary methods. Her down-home upbringing, followed by a 15-year healing and learning journey helped establish her belief in a holistic lifestyle as the best prevention AND cure. Epigenetics shows us that our mind influences our internal environment and thus our health. Working on her own internal environment gave her the biggest health and life changes. Now she seeks to help you find your own...



1: taking pleasure from our state in life;
2: the pre-requisite for all our 'doing' in life;
3: living in every moment, even the 'bad' ones,

    loving who you are being (active verb) on your

    path of love, joy and purpose; because out of

    that comes your best You and thus, your best life.

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